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Facebook Localize into Kinyarawanda


Facebook continue their drive into Africa, now with news that Rwandans will from next week be able to use the social media platform in their own language, Kinyarawanda.

The new Kinyarwanda version of Facebook will be launched at the Transform Africa Summit which will take place in the capital city Kigali.

“The new Kinyarwanda version will be applicable immediately after the launch during the summit,” Didier Nkurikiyimfura, Director General of ICT in the ministry of Youth and ICT, told news channels.

Kinyarwanda will be Facebook’s 10th language added to its Africa and Middle East languages used on the social media platform. We have covered many times how Facebook seeks its next billion users in Africa and this move further illustrates their intentions in terms of international development.

Which language will be next?


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