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Africanization Services & Consultancy

Africanization in essence is localization with an African twist.

We work with clients either working in Africa or wanting to break into one of its emerging markets by helping them adapt to African conditions, whether cultural, linguistic, generational, regional, religious or political.

Senegal or South Africa, Ghana or Gabon, we have experts who understand local needs, conditions and expectations that can help educate your approach.

You might be launching a new line of banking products in West Africa, an app in Kenya, an advertising campaign in South Africa – our job is to make sure they all look and feel as “local” as possible so that it works.

Africanization Case Study

A charity from Spain had secured funding to build an app designed to give farmers in Senegal and The Gambia access to live information about the weather. Our job was to provide the content in a simple format in the local languages of Mandinka, Wolof and Fula. On top of this we provided usability specific consultancy ensuring the app could be used by farmers. Prior to final launch, we conducted localization testing to provide the final touches. The result was an app that was designed and delivered specifically for this audience of users.

Examples of areas we apply our Africanization services to include:

  • Software user interface
  • User assistance, help systems
  • Marketing materials
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Web sites and online media
  • Multimedia, audio and video
  • Graphics, artwork and design
  • eLearning materials
  • Patient Information Leaflets

So, what can we Africanize for you? We can take on any challenge! Get in touch now!

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