Transcription Services: Speech to Text


Audio Transcription and Typing Services

Transcription involves transferring the contents of an audio source into a written / typed format, i.e. speech to text.

Although needed within many sectors, we find most demand for transcription services from the legal, market research, TV/media and medical sectors.

We work with a number of formats. This includes Video, DVD and digital files such as MP3  files.  However, digital files are preferable in that they can be emailed directly to us; hence saving both time and costs.

Our expertise is in being able to deal with and cover African languages and dialects. Examples of typical transcription projects for us include:

  • Court trials
  • Medical appointments
  • Public Sector meetings
  • Interviews
  • News footage
  • Focus group dialogue
  • Speeches
  • Seminars
  • Call Centre Transcripts

Charges are based on difficulty of subject matter, clarity of files, rarity of the language and quality of the audio. Once an audio file has been assessed, a price based on a per minute model will be quoted.

Transcribed material can be returned in one of three formats:

  1. Standard-Format-Transcription
  2. Production-Format-Transcription
  3. Script-Format-Transcription

If you require your transcription to be translated as well, then we can easily allocate a member of our translation team. The material will then be translated into the required language and returned to you in both languages. We can also offer translation directly from the audio material without the transcription process.

This service would involve a member of our professional translation team listening to the audio material and translating it directly into written format – hence eliminating the transcription process.

Please contact one of the team who can discuss your project with you.

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