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Our localization Services

Localization is about taking something and tweaking it so that it ‘works’ in another country.  Indigenization is another way of thinking about it.

A simple example would be changing the currency on an e-commerce site when launching abroad or your spellings if you were taking a product from the UK into the USA.

Although localization services cover a real array of areas, we focus on two things – language and culture.

Understanding how people respond on a cultural and linguistic level to your product, service or brand is critical within international business today – the stakes are so high and you need to get it right.

We help clients in two ways:

1 – Language Localization: this covers everything from translations for ATMs to creative translations for advertising campaigns. When you have to translate something for use in another country – a service, FMCGs, an app or health product – you need to make sure the language is fitting; not only accurate, but sympathetic to local conditions and expectations. So this is more about the presentation of the written word.

2 – Africanization: a more consultative and creative service on a cultural level; we work with clients to look at how best to adapt to African markets. Moving beyond words, we ‘translate’ emotions, slogans, concepts, pitches, images and campaigns through a usability focused approach. Our feedback on how the local culture reacts and responds to your offering helps shape its execution.

Our goal through our localization solutions is to make sure that, whether you are launching a website in Nigeria or a new financial brand in Kenya, we give you real local insight to strengthen your success.

We can carry out research, run usability tests, arrange virtual and physical focus groups, carry out copywriting, adapt software, run usability testing on digital devices – throw it at us, we have the people to help you make it happen.

To find out more about how we can help you understand the markets of Africa , please contact us.

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