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Hotel Website Adds Nigerian Language Translation


Much of the attention we give on our blog is to outsiders translating into African languages in order to gain market entry. Perhaps we don’t give enough light to businesses within African who also use language and localization to get customers.

With this in mind, we were happy to see that Jovago, one of Africa’s largest hotel booking websites, has added Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa translations. Not only translations, but even a chance to learn Nigerian languages online!

Jovago are an online hotel booking service with offices in Lagos, Nairobi and Dakar  founded by Africa Internet Group. has over 25,000 local hotel listings across Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the world.

The company has clearly identified the opportunity to connect with customers through using their languages. It is well know, and shown through research, that when online, the vast majority of people trust a website if it is in their mother tongue. By providing translations for Nigerian clients, the website will surely see an improved experience for the user as well as improved sales.

“Our core mission at Jovago right now is to simplify the way customers use the internet to engage in online transactions which is why we are excited to introduce the local language translations.”

Marek Zmyslowski, Managing Director, Jovago Nigeria 

Nigeria’s internet usage is booming, mainly due to use of smartphones. Currently however only around 40% of Nigerians are using the internet with translates into massive room for growth. This is why countries like Nigeria are full of potential.

“…market observers are of the view that the full-scale introduction of easy-access facilities such as the local language translation service by Jovago across the country will drive the wider adoption of digital services.”

As pointed out above, internet adaption and usage will not increase just by itself and by more people buying a smartphone. If there is no content for them to read or software for them to use, because it isn’t in their language, how will internet usage increase?

There has to be content in order for it to all happen…

So, some of you might be asking why Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa? If the language landscape is something new, why not check out our Guide to Nigeria’s Top 20 Languages?

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