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Looking for a translation agency that can deal with Tigrinya? Welcome! You’ve found us!

Need business documents translated from English into Tigrinya ? A video in Tigrinya to be translated into English? An app to be localised for Ethiopia? Whatever you need – we can do it. We have 10 years experience of translation and localisation combined with a world-class team of linguists.

We translate brochures, marketing material, press releases, legal documents, product labels, proposals, PowerPoints, technical files, medical notes, technical manuals, company reports, training materials, websites and much more. You name it – we translate it.

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Professional Tigrinya Translators

When translating into or from Tigrinya, one of our professional translators will always be assigned to your job. They are assigned based on their subject expertise, knowledge of different platforms, the target language, deadlines, political sensitivities and other factors.

We always make sure the most suitable translator works on your assignment.

Who are our translators? They come from both the business world as well as being linguists. Primarily all of them are tried and tested in terms of their language proficiencies; on top of this each one them comes with specific sector experience and/or a skill such as localizing, online marketing copywriting or audio transcriptions.

When working with our team you can rest assured that your project is being dealt with a professional who will understand you, your text, your goals and your expectations.

For more information, please contact a member of the team who can talk you through your specific project.

Quick Facts
  • Alternate names & spellings:  Tigrigna, Tigray or Tigrai and tigriñña.
  • Language ISO code: ti/tir
  • Number of speakers: about 6 million speakers around the world
  • Writing system:  Ethiopic script from around the 13th century.
  • Spoken in: Mainly in Ethiopia (Tigray region), Eritrea and Djibouti.
About Tigrinya

Like Arabic or Hebrew, the Tigrinya language is a Semitic language from the Afro-Asiatic language family spoken by the Tigrinya people and really closely to the Tigrè language, Ge`ez (extinct) and Amharic.

The language is mainly spoken in the northern part of Ethiopia (Tigray-province) and Eritrea, but there are also Tigrinya speakers   in communities in Sudan and also out of Africa: Germany, Israel, Sweden, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

In Ethiopia, Tigrinya is spoken in the Tigray province by the Tigray people, where it is the national language; it is also the lingua franca of many groups, being the most third spoken language in the country after Amharic and Oromo languages. Along with Arabic, in Eritrea it is the most spoken language, accounting for the 50% of the population of the country, where it is used in schools and by the government.

The language, historically related to the Ge`ez script, is still nowadays written with the same script, today only used for the Orthodox Church. The first written form of Tigrinya, which was found in Logosarda (Eritrea), dates from the 13th century and consists on a document form the local government.

Although related, Tigrinya should not be confused with the Tigre language, which is also spoken in Eritrea.

Tigrinya dialects

Even though there is no real dialect Tigrinya variation, it is often made a distinction between the form spoken in Eritrea (Asmara) and the one spoken in Ethiopia (Tigray).

It is true that there are some variations within these two “dialects”, but normally scholars do not even make a difference between the Eritrea variation and the one from Ethiopia.

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