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Looking for a translation agency that can deal with Luganda? Look no more.

We have provided language translation services for projects large and small across industry. African languages are our speciality. Why? We have experience in working with the languages, have a presence on the ground in Africa and our we believe our team of linguists is second to none.

All our translators are professionals. The majority come with translation/language specific qualifications although for the more obscure requests we turn to bilingual professionals from a number of sectors who have the skill-set to deal with specialist needs.

No matter how challenging your request, we deliver. We have the team, experience, knowledge and passion to meet any challenge.

Simply contact us and we will take care of the rest.

If you’re not too au fait with the language, check out some quick facts below.

Quick Facts
  • Alternate names & spellings:  Ganda.
  • Language ISO code: lug
  • Number of speakers: about 3 million
  • Writing system:   Latin script
  • Spoken in: Uganda
About Luganda

The Luganda language is part of the Niger-Congo branch of languages. Its native speakers, the Baganda people, live primarily in the Buganda region (Uganda), although there can be also found more Luganda speakers out the country. It is without any doubt the most spoken Ugandan language, following it as second languages Swahili and English. English is the main official language in Uganda.

The language developed during many years as a spoken language; however, its first written form arrived with the influence of the Arabic and European contact.  The language was first written during the half nineteenth century, being the first grammar of the language published in 1882, as well as many other publications written by the missionaries. The standard Luganda orthography, Empandiika y´Oluganda Entongol, was implemented in 1947.

The language is used in instruction in several primary schools in Buganda.

Luganda dialects

Diopa, Kooki, Sese and Vuma.

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