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Quick Facts
  • Alternate names & spellings:  Wakamba.
  • Language ISO code: none official
  • Number of speakers: over 3 millions speakers.
  • Writing system:   Latin script
  • Spoken in: Kenya.
About Kamba

The Kamba or Wakamba language belongs to the Bantu language family.  Spoken mainly in Kenya, although it is also spoken in Tanzania, Kamba language is closely related to other Bantu languages such as Embu, Kikuyu and Meru.  It is spoken in Machakos, Kitui and Makueni counties, out of the forty seven counties the country has.

The same term Kamba is used for the language and the tribe whose native tongue is Kamba language, although the people are sometimes referred as Akamba. Most of the Kamba or Akamba people reside in the Eastern Province of Kenya, although they are spread out into many locations all along east Africa. They represent the fifth largest ethnic group in Kenya. Kambas used to trade during the pre-colonial period, and ended up settling in Mariakani, Kisauni and Kinango areas, where still can be found nowadays.

The ethnic group has a diverse language culture; many of the Kamba members are bilingual, speaking English and communicating in their native dialects.

Kamba dialects

The Machakos variety is considered the standard variety of the language, and this form it the one that has been used for translating the Bible. Kamba has four main dialect clusters:

  • Masaku
  • South Kitui
  • North Kitui
  • Mumoni
  • Kikamba
  • Kekamba
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